Thursday , June 8 2023

Ecological and Argentinian: Volt developed and manufactured an electric car in the country


Electric car was launched, it has a separation of being Designed, developed and manufactured in Argentina.

Start-up of vehicles Volt MotorsIt had an investment of 200 million pesetas and it is sold in two versions, passenger -Volt e1- and charge -Volt w1-.

Today, the country is not a direct opponent. Sero Electric, in Morón, is a two-story electric vehicle from the province of Buenos Aires, Sero Electric. On the other hand, the only car that sells the "electric" is Renault, with Kangoo Z.

Volt Motors is based in the province of Córdoba and guarantees a more than 20% national integration of its models. That too Cost of operation a It is cheaper than 90% of the most common vehicle, that is, with a combustion engine.

The distribution of copies will start in March 2019. It's the price of Volt e1 $ 750,000, but the first 100 units have a bonus of $ 670,000

For its part, the van goes to $ 650,000. As a reference, the medium-sized car costs the basic version with the Toyota Corolla XLI manual – $ 647,200.

Urban use is 2.8 meters long -Fiamin 500 measuring 3.54 m-, 1.7 m wide and 1.7 m in height. Three doors and two adults and two children up to 12 years old. It weighs 550 pounds and the trunk is 300 liters.

Your electric motor, – The company does not extend the technical information, it gives 150 kilometers of autonomy according to the manufacturer. The maximum speed is 110 km / h.

Charging the battery can be done in a normal 220 V current and lasts for a period of six hours. However, it is essential to choose a supercapacitor to recover 80% less than half an hour.

The battery regeneration system helps to charge the battery, that is, when applied when part of the kinetic energy of the vehicle becomes the electric energy stored in batteries.

Inside has a 16-inch screen, from which the main features of the multimedia and vehicle functions. Additionally, you can check the battery level from the application, position it, enter it without a key, turn it on remotely and check the unit.

Guaranteed with no limit for kilometers of two years – it extended to three first 100 units – and expect to sell 3,000 copies a year ago. Those interested can configure the unit from the trademark website.

As the company states, The Volt Motors is expanded by means of production cells. They want to manufacture in the main areas of the country, such as Centro, Cuyo, CABA, NOA and NEA. They also said they want to open up in Latin America.

"Our savings will be a product that will allow sustainable redemption, which is the most competitive in the national market," he said officially. Daniel Parodi, CEO of Volt Motors.

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