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Eduardo Feinmann's fake fraud by Sergio Massa


January 7, 2019

The candidate for the renewal front said that he intended to be "president," or "Macri defeated", and the journalist took these statements seriously: "They do not vote."

Sergio Massa he wants vengeance After the 2015 elections, candidates Front restored He will vote for the presidential election, which is expected to be far from the third time since he was four years ago. Mauricio Macri and Daniel ScioliHe entered the final ballot.

"andor I want to be the president, the leader, to compete for the love of the people. My challenge is to build Macri's strength, the candidate who does not lose the second lap"Before the national president, Front Renovador said the leader.

In 2015, when the space was moved United for a New Alternativein the house of the deceased José Manuel de la Sotahe came out 21.39% behind the votes 34.15% He threw it Let's change and 37.08% of the In front of victory.

Melon's daughter was a policeman and gave him 2.74 respiratory control

In that regard, journalist Eduardo Feinmann He sent a commentary on the hearing Massa and I believe that the current Front Renovador's banner "they do not vote"Real opportunities to turn around the armchair Rivadavia.

The first mayor of the Tigers maintained his candidacy and spoke at all times about the attitude of the General State, Cristina Kirchner.

"Why do they ask that people do not even say the candidate? Just to feed the government's sharp game, to compare failures compared to previous failures?"He said in the interview.

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