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"El Morro" García is not going to Toluca: the last Superliga market

What is "El Morro" Garcia?

Santiago's gold striker Santiago Garcia denied the offer and operation of Mexico Toluca, who did not want to leave the country.

In the last season, Godoy Cruz de Mendoza scored several goals, such as Estudiantes de La Plata and Hurricane.

The Mexican team has reaffirmed the campaign, but Uruguai has ruled out the possibility. Will River Will Be Possible?

San Lorenzo, Mancuelo

Cyclone is very close to Federico Mancuel, who is currently leaving Cruzeiro in Brazil.

Mancuello, from the Independent, wants to return to the country and many operations will end.

Ortigueza continues in Rosario Central

Néstor Ortigoza, central midfielder of Rosario, said that "I would be happy for a minimum of six months" within the team, "he was happy with the Argentinean round champion, and he qualified for the 2019 edition of the Libertadores.
"I was at least six months in the middle, I'm happy", Paton (Edgardo Bauza) was very relaxed and the team was up and running, I am very confident, "said Fox Sports radio.

Tiwanak was interested in Gigliotti

Emmanuel Gigliotti, one of the first goalscorers of the Super League, with 15 goals, enters a Mexico-based radar in Tijuana, although this time he will remain in Independence to complete the current season.
Santos from Brazil and Mexico, for the interest of Toluca, the offer of another Mexico-based Tijuana club has been added over the last few hours. It has to pay three million dollars for the "Puma" pass.
The proposal is not enough to take into account the "Red" leadership, which includes at least five million payments.

The Red wants a Paraguayan center

The Independent has improved Cecilia Domínguez's offer of Mexican midfielder Paraguay, accepting 75% of his passport, but he still has not asked the Aztec Club.

Independent Managers are optimistic about Paraguay's recruitment, Walter Kannemann, the Argentine agent, will travel to Porto Alegre with his representative on Thursday, January 3, together with the members of the Guild's Board of Directors. Your formal pass pass.

Godoy Cruz Marcelo Gómez announced a new coach

Godoy Cruz de Mendoza today announced that Marcelo Gómez will hire his new team coach and on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, the "place and time to confirm" will be presented on January 2, 2019.

"Welcome to Marcelo Gómez, the most important Argentine club in Argentina," an organization posted on its Twitter account, where it signed up for recruitment.

"Negro" Gomez, Vélez Sarsfield, River Plate and Former midfielder of Gymnastics and Fencing will be among others, such as Francisco Ramírez and Hernán Bonvicini, the physical trainer of Guido Tonson and Pablo Fornasa as an assistant video.

Fabián Rinaudo is the first force of Rosario Central

Fabián Rinaudo, Gymnastics and Fencing midfielder La Plata, signed the Rosario Central contract and was the first reinforcement of the group led by Edgardo "Patón" Bauza in 2019 after passing a rigorous medical examination.

The 31-year-old young man declared at the Gymnastics Exit that it was a decision against his career but that La Plata club had to "sell".

Boca awaits Alfaro's arrival with a dance of the same name

In local soccer, Alexis Mac Allister's name is strong, because the Argentinian requires $ 10 million. His father, Carlos, remembered the "Colorado" Boca champion in 1992.

Another of the sounds of the Boca world is Lisandro Martinez, the main advocate for defense and justice. A great performance by Sebastian Beccacece, a group of high-level furniture.

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