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Electricity with millions of fines | Edenor and Edesur …

Edenor and Edesur metropolitan distributors have to pay 460 million dollars for service failures. Approximately 360 thousand users have been affected by provisional or provisional cuts, according to the ENRE's National Electrical Regulatory Entity assessment. In the case of Edenor, the balance reached 170 million pesos, while Edesur was 291 million. Both electrical distributors will return users to the amount of errors set by the ENRE in service, but only for cuts to systematically affected users.

For the third consecutive year, due to the quality review, from March to August, the regulators diverted deviations from the provisioning of services for both Concessionaires, according to the Comprehensive Rate Revision. (RTI). In the case of Edenor, the company concluded 3.57 average interruptions per user and 13.35 average hours per user. Both values ​​were below the parameters (4.53 interruptions per user and 14.40 hours average duration). In the case of Edesur, the average duration of the break was maintained at less than 14,18 hours, the parameter was 16.49, but the average interruptions measured per frequency per user (3.79 maximum 3.10 threshold). The deviation had about 285 thousand users, depending on the official body.

The fine for Edenorrhea is: $ 155 million in service quality; $ 6 million technical product failures and $ 9 million in commercial support. Edesurr was $ 105 million in quality service; $ 7 million in technical products and $ 179 million in trade barrier inconvenience.

The requirements that regulate the Integral Rate cover the period from 2017 to 2021. According to the ENRE public report, companies will have the opportunity to return the amount of service deficiencies and technical and commercial products, which will later become a resolution passed a few days. In total, between two companies, 460,953,457.10 € will be deducted from billing and it should be clarified that the refund service will be exclusively for users who have systematic cuts in the service.

At the end of 2016, the rate of integration of the Integration Analysis (RTI) to the electrical service improved, the interruption of the frequency (Saifi) and the average duration of the break (Saidi) were reduced. In the receipts, the increase in the semantic rate increased the revenue and the committed distributor to make investments.

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