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Elephant-sized mammalian cumin lived alongside dinosaurs


Washington: Constructed mammals cousin a size elephant It was piled up with plants scattered throughout Europe along with dinosaurs About 320 million and 210 million years ago during the Triassic period, scientists said Thursday.

Scientists predicted amazing The Polish discovery, the fossil of four shells of a beast called Lisowicia bojani, proved this dinosaurs The only behemoths of the Earth were not at that time and grouped mammalsThe relics called Lisowicia, who were called, were not killed long ago.

"We believe that it is among the three fossil discoveries of the three Triassic Europe," said the U. Psala University of Sweden, Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki, paleontologist.

Lisowicia, the most popular non-animal dinosaur of the time, was 15 meters long (4.5 meters), 8.5 meters (2.6 meters) and 9 tons. At that time, other giants were the only four legs, long necks and long queues at the beginning of the dinosaur group called sauropods.

"Lisowicia skulls and jaws were highly specialized: teeth and mouth were clay bean, turtles and horns dinosaurs, "Niedzwiedzki said, it was not clear, as if with some relatives.

The Triassic was the opening chapter of the time dinosaursDuring the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. First dinosaurs They appeared about 230 million years ago. First of all a lot dinosaurs They were modest in size, reflected by the great reptiles of the earth, including scary predators such as phytosaurs such as rauisuchians and crocodiles.

"The period of the Triassic period did not only rise up dinosaursIt was also time to compete with the last dicynodontis dinosaurs. Finally, dinosaurs He won this Evolution Contest, "said Pöbobiology Polish Pools Academy, Tomasz Sulej.

Dicynodonts mixed with reptilian and mammalsCharacteristics of ian It was first millions of years before mammalsAt the end of the Triassic, these hunters were large-scale burrowers in large browsers. The main herbaceous land became Triassic in the middle and end, but they died until now dinosaurs they became the main animals of the earth.

Scientists have found about 100 bones representing the Polish town of Lisowice, the people of lisowice.

A study of the body of the brain had a rapid growth rate mammals or dinosaur

He was published in the research newspaper Science.


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