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Elon Musk might be an AI thinker of the First Mars Settler



SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to set the basis for Mars – but it is not likely that his first home will be human.

On Friday, Mercury billionaire replied to a Twitter question, that a sophisticated human intelligence may touch the Red Cross in the face of human colonists. Musk's response: 30%.

AI Overlords

Musk has a close relationship with AI's theme. Publicly warned about the danger of regulated AI, as well as finding the Open AI organization to promote the development of machine tool systems.

Musk's signature is another issue that other personal technologies have in their claims, as the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that the idea of ​​AI killer was "pretty ridiculous" and the creator of "Alexis Ohanian" was the creator of Reddit Musk wrote a short script for a Black Mirror episode a month before.

The case of optimism

But Musk also thinks that AI can contribute to or contribute to humanity, since the evolution begins in a new era.

Or, as shown in Friday's tweet, Musk hopes to reach AI, to have more insight into space colonization.

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