Tuesday , August 3 2021

Elon Muskek explains the probability that Mars flies

HB Chain "Axios & # 39; The question asked by the correspondents of the program, Musk replied confidently: "70%." "I know exactly what I do, I'm talking about there," said the employer.

The BILATERIAL has determined that his flight would be around 7 years, that the Mars card will be about "about a thousand dollars".

Meanwhile, Musk dismissed objection to the journalist, who could escape the planet's problems for the rich journey to Mars.

"No, because the probability of killing Marsen is much higher than the Earth," he said, human life is a great threat to the so-called "deep space".

He has also added Space X creator, although life on the planet's planet has "built the base."

"There are a lot of people climbing in the mountains, people die completely in Mount Everest, because of the challenge" Muskes wants to explain through the comparison.



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