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End of Hantavirus isolation: The mayor of Epuyén raised restrictive measures

The mayor of Epuyén, Antonio Reato, after the resurgence of the hantavirus, lifted most of the restrictive measures imposed by the population. He also mentioned the effect on the "health, social and economic" of the illness.

"The mood of the population is better, and next Friday, on the first of February, I will lift almost all the restrictive measures given by the resolutions," he explained, prohibiting, limiting, effective meetings. schedules and scrap in public places.

Thus, the resolution 007/2019 will change in order to establish the conditions for greater flexibility in the beginning of January. Before the outbreak of the virus, the Epuyen authorities "resolved the interruption of group activities for forty consecutive days".

On the other hand, Reato said he would take control of non-ventilated areas: "We will keep the minimum attention in enclosed spaces for 10 days, February, February, until we get a little more".

"Hanta is improving the problem," said the mayor, "and the situation is promising in the street, in stores and in the supermarket, especially since there are no more intensive treatment patients. In the week, many selective isolations are emerging and very few remain next per week ".

On the other hand, Reato denounced the damage caused by the disease: "The impact was the first health, then the social economy and, finally, it caused tourism, that is, an important source of revenue for us and the region as a whole". "The bomb completely condemned us," he concluded.

At the beginning of December, 31 cases of hantavirus confirmed in Chubut. 11 people were killed as a result of a contagion caused by the long apple strain.

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