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Epic Games Numbers, Founder of Successful Fortnite

Certainly, it must be offered to videogames, as they make one, develop and massive, they will gain profits, by means of technology, to obtain profits that have never been seen in an industry without a ceiling. And if things are not enough Epic Games One of the most used graphics engines in the video game industry, Unreal Engine- Fortnite It has won 3 million dollars.

For many years, the company led by Tech-Ground, this new report would break all the records contained in the Epic Games. However, all of these numbers can not be surprising, especially considering the funding of $ 1.25 billion in funding from October, and increase the value of 15,000 million companies. Specialized portal.

In 2012, Tencent, the Chinese multimillion-dollar company Riot Games, bought 40% of 330 million companies. Today, this percentage, considering that the company's value is around 15,000 million, would be about $ 6 billion, since it has become a profitable business.

Today, it would be difficult for Fortnite to be the biggest phenomenon in the history of video games, and no one can still deny it after two or three years. However, as we said before the North American portal, Epic Games introduced a million figures in 2006, the Gears of War Xbox 360 came out. This power is building a competitive scene and using very high prizes.

The position of the company to develop one of the most important and most important motors in the industry, has brought with it several collaborators in the application of Unreal Engine 4 and in the development of video games. Fortnitek can get the most out of it. The advertising campaign created in the game and to offer it completely free of charge, thanks to financial muscle, there are two crucial keys: experience and work in more than two decades.

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