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Escndalo: Sol Prez is in front of Carmen Barbieri and Valeria Archim

Last night, Newly Together, the love of the magazine, was a great premiere of Fede Bal's work and his parents: Carmen Barbieri and Santiago; Fighting and battling years together. List Valeria Archim, Bicho Gmez, Sol Prez and Micaela Viciconte.

The show is one of the biggest hits of Mar del Plata this summer and is the protagonists of ever. No SunBefore debuting for a long time, he has been in various debates and has anger on his colleagues. And again there are more problems!

Blonde, no doubt, started walking on the left. They missed last year's rehearsals and presented the proposed season for the coastal city. Sun It was timely and he constantly made a note asking for a promotional photo. Speaking at the show's specialists, he said at the time: "What do you think, or …".

Since then, Carmen and Valeria Archim (Guillermo Marn's wife, theater-enterprising) are talking. But that was not all! Example She said that she had been dressed in the show and said she did not like it, she did not like the production. From then on they also stated Dancer, former student of 2018 He did not go to study the images of the magazine, to go to Tucumán, and he did not call, or even Fede, the director of the work!

Another problem around you Prez It must be done with dancers. As I said before, there was a lack of trials and, apparently, female female curvilinear Everybody's grip was won, when the rest of the artists did not like a choreography that they learned, and therefore they needed to create a whole new performance.

All complaints and attention were filled by all of them, especially Barbieri, who did not want to suffer and did not mean that this project meant to his family. In the middle of the year, when he was invited to the Mirtha Legrand table, he threw a few sticks vedette Because of his lack of commitment to his family.

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