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Especially with a gesture, River fans refused to bid on the bar – 12/02/2014


To return to the monumental field, to receive Gymnastics and Fencing for Supernatural, most of the fans remembered the end of the frustrated party of the Liberators and proved brave bold. With Conmebol too.

This match in Boca was suspended, the rivers' bars were screened for the visitor and the players were injured. Next, the match was postponed the next day. And he was delayed again.

Before gymnastics and fencing began with the game, real fans whistled and began to silence Board wills. And they asked for a song: "Let all go, let no one leave". The bars were injected.

In addition, in a protest signal, their flags were hanging. On the other hand, the Bar Brava in the occupied sector should look for rags.

Some flags were against Conmebol and Boca. When they were detected, the referee Silvio Trucco started and delayed the match.

However, they were not seen and followed. Until 25 minutes, the Stadium's Voice warned that if the game were not eliminated, the game would be suspended.

Likewise, fans, in a stadium with many clubs, insulted, with songs, the president Mauricio Macri and Conmebol. It was clear that what happened in the thrilling final of the Liberators was that they had accumulated a lot of anger.

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