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Esporan hantavirus is a woman killed and a third-time victim – 17/12/2013


38-year-old woman, Epuyén Hospital worker, died this morning in Esquel's hospital and the third death is a victim hantavirus. According to data, the dead recently returned to Chile and were hospitalized on Saturday as a hospital hospital. His image worsened and died today.

According to a contingency report released Monday in Monday, "the 38-year-old's son has died" and "the hanta virus was classified as a suspect case". Rodent is the third victim of the virus that transmits it. At the age of 14, 61 year old female resident of El Hoyo died.

On Monday, Adrián Pizzi, Deputy Minister of Health, said that "Due to the emergence of Emergency Health, he stated that they need to put in place a network of structures and surveillance. Medication preventive measures throughout the field"On the other hand, Dr. Teresa Strella, Director of Preventative Pathogens, stated that" current epidemiological reports indicate 6 cases have been confirmedConjunction from one person to another with a high probability. There are 15 cases suspected (up to 3 deadly), tested for hantavirus 6, 2 likely and 4 excluded. "

On the other hand, the same section indicates that yesterday he was an 11-year-old boy at Esquel Hospital, classified as suspicious by clinical and hemodynamic parameters.

In Hantavirus three positives, the Intensive Care Unit of the health center is included. A minor is stable without mechanical ventilation, while the adult is maintained with mechanical ventilation, but the parameters are stable, according to the report. The last situation in the three interns is critical and is based on predictions based on the report.

At this time, in the Esquel's Zoological Hospital there is no ill in the isolation room, as well as the Epuyen Rural Hospital. In El Maiten rural hospital, the observations derived from Epuyén remain in 4 isolated patients. According to the report, the state of the epidemiological alert ecosystems in the Esquel programming area has occurred in the last few hours.

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