Wednesday , July 6 2022

Etc.Etc.Etc.Etc.Etc.Etc.Etc.Etc. – Diary of San Rafael


Hairdressing in solidarity
His name is Exequiel Lucero, 18 years old and lives in San Carlos. When Grandpa knew the neighborhood he learned from his collaboration, he decided to continue with his example. To do this, he campaigned: he offered a haircut in a milk box, yesterday Mdz said.
His proposal is spread through social networks. And to his astonishment, help was not long. Many people acted as a stylist for their cause protection and others collaborated with the initiative without needing a haircut. In truth, all the people who emphasized the example of solidarity.

5G Technology
Samsung, Huawei and Apple are becoming the leaders of mobile phones at risk with the arrival of 5G, says a study of Analytical Strategies.
Report Winners and Losers 5G in a future breakthrough warns that today's top three major smartphone providers can reduce their stake while allowing 4G to change changes to a list of first-time providers. supply chain

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