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Everything broke the video game: Fortnite's Year


The keys to your success? Two are the most important. That's the main thing free video game And that is another available Platforms and consoles in the market.

If you have a computer or have a mobile phone or console, you can play this game. Thus, after two weeks, there were fewer than 10 million players. Success was immediate.

Fortnite stood out in the year Tyler BlevinsIt's better known Ninja, the most important player in the world that billions of dollars a month Drake, current rapper. He captured the game.


But there's a lot more behind. du constant changes On the map, weapons that are added to each update, movements (airplanes, ATVs, golf carts, etc.) users want to play, not just to see new ones. All this The platform is like a social network A game gets updates all the time.

Unlike all of us, the game is not on top and users who are still fast collecting are gaining momentum every day.

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