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Evolution: George Price biologists life and death


On Sunday, January 6, 44th anniversary of the death of a person who thinks about his life: George Price, an evolutionary biologist.

The price, perhaps, by its name, The Price equation is known and takes a lot of forms, but it can easily be understood in its "simple" form:

wΔz= CoV (wi,zi)

"The essence of evolution has caught a natural selection on a single formula," said Michael Regnier, a journalist on science. "Population of people with individuals, people, plants or self-repetition robots will change according to the type of type (z) that will increase the number of inhabitants of each new generation, if a characteristic is reduced, it will be reduced."

Here, "fitness" is based on a technical and biological sense: a level with a characteristic improves the success of the reproduction of an organism.

You can find a blunt explanation for horror movies in 2007 WΔZ (named after the middle left of the equation), Paul Kay's biologist explains the heroes Melissa George and Stellan Skarsgård:

The price equation is very useful for describing natural selections in general, but it is especially interesting to describe a particularly biological phenomenon: altruism.

Like Darwin, self-abandoning organisms that leave their own lives, and their reproductive ability, for the sake of others, posed puzzles for the theory of evolution. Regnier shows an ant ants, "sterile and therefore literally meaningless". How does that remain, if, according to design, can not their children share their characteristics?

In order to answer this question, a major Biological Evolution of the two decades of the biological evolution of the equator, Hamilton W.D., says that altruism could act as a supportive to its genetic relatives.

The top of the horror biologist is good, for example, if it's easier. Consider monkey in a large cage to add a monkey to a monkey to eat monkeys. One of the monkeys escapes from the thigh of a cage when the snake eats it with other monkeys in time and room to work together and kill the snakes.

This, of course, prevents the loss of the native monkey. But because the dead monkey is tied to the wild monkeys, the monkey of the dead genes They are really sacrifices. These genes have genes related to self-sacrifice and the reinforcement cycle of the future generations of monkeys can also be altruistic, because the first altruistic monkey did not refuse himself.

Hamilton's rule, as we know it today, is a phenomenon:

rB> C

Breaking down, the formula altruism genes will evolve the cost (C) The benefits of reproduction go hand in hand (B) aimed at the probability probability.r) The beneficiaries share altruistic genes.

Since then r For the blood relatives it is much more necessary, the equation explains the origin of altruism for the sake of relatives. Hamilton's Formulation Before, J.B.S. An evolutionary biologist, Haldan says, his life captures two of his brothers or eight cousins, his main idea.

How did the price decrease?

The price job was proposed altruistically. Its equation did not have the privilege of genetic resemblance.

"Natural selection is not indispensable for groups that end up together in individuals," explains Oran Harman, historian, with a price biography title, Altruism price. "Whether the ordinary descent or the similarity of features or any other excuse does occur." However, if a group of people with altruistic genes unite each other, it would spread to each other with pride in altruism. For the same reason, the same reasons were for the blood relatives to make sense under Hamil's rule.

But the discovery is also a bad price. When altruism may open up altruistically together, then the opposite is true – although they do not damage another organism, even if they do not achieve such individual benefits – even though generous organisms are shared together. "What does it mean if the life of the living is too much or not to do with a" essence "or" inner core? "After all, those who lived within us," Harman writes. "Instead, similar altruism similar to neighboring circles might evolve, though they were different, though it was a solution. The goodness of pure adultery was fictional."

Equation earned him Price at University College London. (John Maynard Smith, another eminent biologist, and in 90 minutes, Smith and the departments were given an office and an honorable appointment).

He also undoubtedly helped to break his life.

Finding that equation at the same time, Price became a horrific Christian. He initially took shape in a more and more biblical hermeneutic hermeneutics, especially in order to get to know the "real" date of Easter, especially because he believed that most of the churches were wrong. He persuaded him literally and was a humanist enough.

In 1973, he invited many homeless people to join his home in the Soho Square and London Euston Station. After his rent, he was homeless. At that time, he published a paper with Smith Nature.

In the end, Peg Leg Pete (in Harman's book, I say that he swore everything in the Harman book), went into a sudden house. The occupation price would go through the home from home-occupied homes until death. "The price was probably psychic, paranoia and hallucinations beyond the vision of Jesus, not to mention depression exacerbated by the deficiency of thyroid hormones," says Regnier. "For this reason, the most useful rational explanation was that God chose to know the Price equation and be an extreme altruist."

He left his job at the end of a scholarship at the University College London (although he did not pass them, saying he had "the followers of Jesus"). Towards the end of life, he began to stabilize and seek economically, in order to meet a new area.

Later, on January 6, 1975, he was killed by suicide.

Other altruists may learn from George Price

It is somewhat indeterminate, and a bit too much, the price was suicide, it was the result of extreme altruistic efforts. His thyroid helped depression and maybe hallucinations. "Behavioral Reason" behind suicide, Harman writes that "George was wrong."

But he understands his death in the context of his philosophical career. Harman stated before his passage, "it was determined that all the time the angel angel was not going anywhere." He did not answer the question that he answered through his scientific and religious conversion work, and the short question Harman summed up: "How could it seem to be that monkey and all other creatures in nature, their goodness, the goodness of mankind was really authentic and clear no?

I have a lot of questions about George Price. Why did he care so much about whether his goodness was true or not, why was he not happy to exist, that the phenomenon studied at a population level did not determine the individual's destiny? Why his vision of altruism was so unique and peculiarly expensive – he allowed himself to live in his house, to leave his home, to live among themselves and to solve alcoholism and legal problems. Does it allow a good job, would it be better than that?

But, I think, at least, that his story could take at least lessons for people to try to do well. It may be obvious, but if you need mental health treatment and people who need treatment for your mental health.

But second, the lesson is wider that self-care is important. Price altruism consumed, self-destruction and collapse. That was not good, of course. But it was not good for homeless communities to join and help. That's not a statement about the price tag, and I do not think it's put into real position. But it is a statement about the value of consuming all altruism.

It is tempting to give your entire salary or charity to a beneficiary, or if you have a comfortable job, you think it has a bigger impact, the more you think it is, it's a betrayal. Stop short and take care of yourself. It is not. Probably, it's the best way to continue doing it.

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