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Exclusive: 12 new phrases about the book Indio Solari

A little liesThe Indian Land, a great legend of Argentine rock, was published by Penguin Random House and will be tomorrow at the bookstore. Every two years, the book is the result of long talks between India and writer and journalist Marcelo Figueras where he revises his life to get masks and fame from his childhood passages.

"They say, Evidays, the beautiful girls of Los Toldos, they held them in their arms. Well, they gave me some good ones, Evita was always in my Court, I was not the oldest of them The Nightingale, Love and Death, I would go to him."

"When I started all the schools, I did not feel happy, I did not boast such a thing, because it was hurt and if parents were forced to exclude it, they blurt me with guitar and writing, and they gave them a reason to think: they had your friends picked up in a small room, Write, paint with a gift … And, on the other hand, you looked at the sky and was angry, thinking: Why do you wake up this intention? I have no choice. "

"In these three years," from 67 to 69, "Psychedelic was the most important thing that happened to me, I think it is a psychedelic man. Today, other experiences seem to me to be useful, in other words, another context and other drugs, in me What was done was basically my head. "

"We are really decadent, no one could ever overcome a social production, but politically, culturally, socially marginally serious, they gave me a certain force. We did not have a maturity satisfaction at that time. We started rewarding, carrot was not danced at the nose."

"It seemed to me that it was merely a happiness of the people who seemed to see this religious thing, that there was a contradiction in saying that, we touched on the subject, the tension we produced, was far from clear, but people were delighted by the spectacles, so the devil did not come out He was praying: what did you do to work where you actually expelled, you participated in a Dionysian experience ".

"When the Rounded People were broken, they asked me: And now what will you do?" And I had to continue doing the same, of course, I was less likely to be confident but I could not change my essence. I do not live when I live, you do not have any attitudes, it is better to explode a song than put a bomb. I did not offer these people to entertain, to disturb them. They put their hand in the pocket.

"I think that many people lived in rock culture, without deep compromise, we thought melons, small but interesting wildlife, when you drill with melon, you find endless stimuli, that's why we stop art. The only real revolution is at your disposal from morning to night, your lifestyle . "

"Many people frightened our audience, I guess because they understand what they do not understand, that's why my words are crypt, but I'm clear about the important moments of the song." The story will not be easy, the paths that link images, but when I come to life, when I say violence, he is lying down, or every prisoner is a politician, or our master plays a slave … No one confuses or loses. . "

"In my concerts, the image of Walter Bulacio appears when the sun goes down and it's time, with the word of justice, they still say: It never remembers … You are somebody you do not mind."

"Those who do not continue to infect society do not speak a million, trying to distinguish people, as it is said: He says this, but he is a wealthy man, money was never bad, it is the only thing that I distinguish between those who really win, If you have won well, enjoy it, but it's free for Garraka. "

"What happened on the night surprised me … Did you know that we screamed until we arrived at the hell of Skay, because it does not like things, I do not remember finally expressly saying that it was over, but I got the car … and went home I was … I was fast able not to fall because I saw the terms I still see: it was a betrayal for me, which damaged my life. Beyond Bruno and Virginia, more important things have not happened: life As a project, Redondo was almost throughout existence! "

"It will be hard to persuade people, I do not want to repeat it, hardly anyone wants to believe it, right?"

* A little lies, 864 pages in South America, $ 999.

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