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Exclusive announcement: major election constituencies of the main constituencies – 28/02/2008

It is the confirmation of fear theory. Unless possible, this election for the current president will choose "at least worse". This is perceived by word and number. bugle He accepted an exclusive poll agreed on Thursday electoral election of the main candidates. Sample data: measured by seven proponents, more than six out of 50% "will never vote".

It is a survey OpinionThe advice generated in 2010 and the beginning of the measurements was made online. He directs it to the business world and to the business rather than politician. But he was good electoral forecasts between 2015 and 2017.

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She includes her latest monthly work 2,979 cases in survey, from 8 to 21 February, with a +/- 1.8% error margin. In the previous report, this magazine was also advanced, there was another difference in the election imbalance: 13 candidates measured, with a negative image of 11% and 50%.

Regarding the new measurement, the questionnaire on an electoral item is asking about what is called a "potential vote". "Think of potential presidential candidates for this year's election, Do you want to vote, can not you vote or never vote? ".

The last item is a politician and consultant because it marks the ceiling of a candidate. And almost everyone did not accept it. du Only one of the seven instructors is Roberto Lavagna, "I would never vote" 45%. The remaining 50% exceeds Mauricio Macri (52%) and Cristina Kirchner (54%). Sergio Massa, 56% inadequate, is in the center; and Juan Manuel Urtubey (60%), Alfredo Olmedo (69%) and José Luis Espert (70%).

This is the data essential thinking in most votes: The candidate who participated in more than 50% "would never vote" would not be able to win in the second round … unless there is one or more non-competition. This happens, according to current surveys, between Macri and Cristina. Another one returns. Crack benefits (for them).

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When you see a positive side of the voting potential, Cristina appears to be reinforcing stronger support: 33% "I would definitely want to vote," a high floor against 25% of Macria at this point. but When the Lehendakari praises him a little bit when he says "get the vote": 48% total, against 46% of the previous president.

In a possible resource, always according to this survey, Cristina Macri takes two points (43% and 41%), even though there is no indexes (16%).

One Lavagna surpasses the power of voting: Without a strong vote (16% would probably be a vote), he can vote (39%).

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