Monday , January 24 2022

Exercise hormone, an ally against Alzheimer's progress


An analysis reveals the ability of mouse to limit cognitive use and learning impairment.

If you need more reasons for accessing the gym and fill up one of the most classic New Year's resolutions, do it for your brain. It is already known that physical exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, which strengthens the bones, reduces stress and protects the Alzheimer's brain. Previous studies have suggested that sport improves cognitive abilities and demon progression. The physical activity and Alzheimer's were still unknown. The key is the hormone irisine, not just the cardiovascular benefit of physical exercise, according to research published in "Nature Medicine".

Better cognitive ability

Irisin, known as the "exercise hormone", is hidden in larger quantities. By means of muscle tissue, irisin is released into circulation in the body and improves cognitive ability, as researchers from the University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Columbia University (USA) have demonstrated. Unidos) with Alzheimer's studies in mice.

Researchers, Ottavio Arancio, Sergio Ferreira and Fernanda de Felice, have shown that increasing irisin and its pioneer protein (FNDC5) reduce the memory and learning deficit of experimental animals.

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They also said that when the appearance of this substance was blocked by mouse disease, the beneficial cognitive effects of physical exercise were lost.

To prove the connection between Alzheimer's and hormones, authors have studied healthy mice and Alzheimer's disease. The result led to the discovery of animal experimentation to find lower levels of the brain in the brain.

Medication with low side effects
The discovery is important for the spread of the cardiovascular diseases of Alzheimer's disease to the therapeutic strategies. Fernanda de Felice, the research coordinator, ABC explains that there is still a long way to go, but the potential issues of the physical exercise and irisinization mechanism should have "little side effects". "It's a molecule from the human body," he argues.

Drugs will be the best help from Alzheimer's patients or the elderly.

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When the animal experimentation phase passes, the next step will be to test the effect of this hormone in patients with different stages of Alzheimer's disease.

And, meanwhile, the best advice for any age is to increase physical activity. "It's very important that our exercise is not just good muscles, bones and hearts, but also a brain. The strategy is an excellent way to protect yourself and treat dementia," he advised.

New diagnostic methods
This research, the first linking the reduction of Alzheimer's iris, opens its doors to new diagnostic methods. Its lower presence may indicate a higher risk of neurodegenerative disease.

Now, additional learning is needed to understand how to get into the irisin and carry out the interaction. And, above all, protein has similar cognitive effects in humans.


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