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Extended bubble of an additional dimension – ScienceDaily

Uppsala University researchers have created a new universe model to solve the dark energy enigma. His new article, posted Letters of physical opinions, has proposed a new structural concept, including dark energy, for a new universe that is part of an expanded bubble in an extra dimension.

In the last 20 years we continue to grow the Universe more rapidly. The explanation is the dark energy of "waterproof". Understanding the nature of this dark energy is one of the main physical riddles.

The chain theory has long been a response. Depending on the theory of the chain, all matter is vibrated by "stringlike" entities. In theory, they also have to have more spatial dimensions than three parts of today's knowledge. We've been thinking about creating dark energy that has been modeled on theoretical critic for 15 years. However, criticism has become increasingly difficult, and many researchers now claim that a proposed model is not feasible today.

In this article, scientists propose a new model of dark energy and our universe by expanding the bubble in an additional dimension. The whole universe is on the edge of this expanded bubble. All matter of the universe are the ends of the chains that extend at an additional dimension. Researchers also show that bubbles of this kind increase in chain theory. It seems to be true that they are more bubbles than ours, with other universes.

The model of the Uppsala scientist offers a new and different image of the creation of the universe and the future, extending the path to the methods of analyzing the theory of the chain.

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