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Extroverts make a point at making a love connection? | Life


Extroverts may have more sex, according to new research. - Photo AFP
Extroverts may have more sex, according to new research. – Photo AFP

QUEENSLAND, Nov. 23 – A new Australian study found that men and women are more extroverted than sexually more sexually than introverted than the same.

Produced by researchers from Queensland Technology University, the study included 2,998 male heterosexuals and 1,480 female heterosexuals, who participated in the Australian Sex Survey in 2016.

Participants responded to many socio-demographic questions, as well as completing a BIG 5 personality test. Nowadays, it is the most used personality system, with the degree of self-deviation, friendship, neuroticism, consciousness and open experience.

Discoveries, published in the journal Personality and individual differencesIn the case of men and women, higher levels of abuse were associated with a high level of sexual activity, which also corresponds to previous research.

In addition, men with excellent personality characteristics, especially more aware, were emotionally more stable, more pleasant and more related to sexual activities.

There was also a greater male or minor abusibility of having more children.

However, they only had no "nice" female.

The discovery suggests that the particular combinations of personality characteristics can provide men with an advantage over their partner and when playing it, but not necessarily female.

"Throughout history, competitive advantages have made men and women more successful in occupation, sports, arts, resource acquisition and securing, and ultimately survival capacity," explains Dr. Stephen Whyte.

"However, the advantages or disadvantages of personality characteristics are little known given the sexual activity and the success of children. Science does not understand the individual's characteristics when it comes to human beings and reproductive behavior, especially the type of personality caused by men or women some ".

"Our findings suggest a greater variance with men's characteristics and their particular combinations of sexual and reproductive benefits, but this is not the woman we are studying." – AFP-Relaxnews

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