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Martín Moreaux gives passion. It is difficult to move the adrenaline through the adrenaline that crosses your bones. For each issue that addresses it, what happens is there.

In 2006, he bought Óptica Soler and launched the expansion of the Cordoban brand. Now it's in the glasses electronic commerce. It can go up to a market, it is easier and cheaper, but it hates it. It wants its place according to both premises: service and guarantee accessibility.

"Óptica Soler was born in 1967, her creator was a pioneer in the field of contactology. In collaboration with Voss, he created a brand that reminds people over 60 years of age: Pupilent Soler, who achieved a spectacular presence in the country," he says.

-I remember it perfectly.

– Afterwards, Julio Soler, the son of the creator, continued his optics and started up for many years, with the ups and downs of this country. I decided to sell, I knew each other, because it was a different type of business, when we reached an agreement I bought the brand and structure. Nowadays, the grandson of the creator Julito Soler works here, for me it is an honor.

– Question Group: What is the sale of glasses? Is it like any other business?

From commercial perspective, it is similar to any other activity. But it's health and that's different. There is no social responsibility. Optical analysis, training and professionalization are required, but there is also a commercial process similar to any other.

– Is the lens a kind of "commodity" and does it make a difference of the frame?

-No, ophthalmic lenses are divided into monofocal, bifocal and progressive. First, the closure or remote telescope are merchandise. There are also frames in that category. This merchandise is the cheap telescope that sells on the street. But a lot of industry has advanced in the manufacture of lenses, especially in progressive and multifocal. Many laboratories in Argentina have invested in making amazing products.

– Where is company, volume or complexity?

-The optical structure is very profitable for itself. Lenses in the frame. Each optic one applies its pricing policy to this. Our criterion is to develop a business-oriented vision volume that is designed to make the telescope accessible to those who need health and make free social work.

-I got in profitability …

-Corresponding to what I have talked about, Cordoba has been a dry place, but an optical competition, but a limited individual growth. That happened to Soler When I took it, I set a radical change from the commercial policy to the likeness; all. We have evolved from one mouth to four locations. 25 of 25 employees, an internal optical network through a special agreement.

– Is your hand a young and enterprising businessman?

-And now the new mouth of the digital channel: First of all, we sell sunglasses and frames. Two months ago we sold prescriptive glasses, we needed special tools for that. It was a big challenge

-I think it's ok, we're talking about the recipe. Of course, will not they lose me?

– surely To make a prescription glasses, you need to take distance from the lens to focus on the distance. We have developed two programmers and engineers. When the person enters, first selects the frame and then we must add an ophthalmologist's prescription, and then attach a selfie card, credit card size or copy. For this reason, a special software allows the internal distance to be reached. It is a wonderful process.

– Do you know who applies anybody?

-In Argentina, no. But it exists in Europe and the United States. We then send you a telescope and package service. I'm a nut service. All orders placed before 14 days will be up to date on the same day. Love the public We have countries, for example, Patagonia, where you are only asking for distances for long distances or regions with little optics.

– How much is sold online?

– 50% of our store turnover. It's good for us. Especially, we have taken into account that the Soler brand is very popular in Cordova, but not in San Juan. We're making a big brand. What we do is damage People are not buying cups online, so we have to provide the service.

– Myths and truths in an online store: it's easy and cheap.

-It's nothing. It's not easy and not cheap. It is easy and inexpensive to get a television picture for a mobile phone and load it to a market. But when you build a zero platform, like ours, it's expensive, it takes time, it requires a lot of processes and people. Programmers, designers, photographer. This creates costs, time and delays. It's the same thing to do to set up a physical business, hard work.

– There are large wholesale channels in the handicraft business and does everything happen?

– I can say that there is no industrial monopoly. There are many players available for national and international laboratories. With suppliers, I have always agreed to increase the market by hand.

– Sunglasses are pure fashion?

– Thank God it's fashion. The telescope changed its presence in society. Previously, to whoever needed, was also harassed.

– "Anteojito, cuatro ojos …"

– Today's celebrities show glasses and have changed their social criteria. We are not like what happens in the European market, where the telescope is in the world of fashion. Glasses change every season. I have a brother in Sweden, it is easy to use for seven couples a year. But this is part of the criteria applied to eye care.

– Damn question: Glasses on the street?

-What to say, but everything is there. The problem is that people feel they solve a problem. Some also have an UV filter. If we were not able to add it to the supply of the item. We do not know the reality of people. I will return the same thing: this is why the telescope can be accessed.

-What is the sale crisis?

– Yes, it fell against inflation. We stopped Dollar growth prices have increased due to the fact that imports are imported, as well as finished products from outside.

– Think of the franchises?

– I thought, but I will not do that. Today, guns are in digital lands, the world is on its way.

The coverage between social work and prepaid expenses is very different?

-Yes, each applies its policy. The coverage for me is still very small and limited. They get very basic things. Some do not cover anything. Daspu, for example, has a great coverage. We present a project based on Pami's current retirement, not 50 years ago.

– How would that be?

– There is no image of a retired toy and women wear toys. The current responsibility is very active. He continued to work. Glasses need another cover. Here we cover 100 percent multifocal. They can not believe

Heaven: glasses

name. Martin Moreaux.

age. 38

babies. Tomás and Matías.

the company. Soler optics.

workers. 25

Physical sales mouthpieces. Four.

Digital sales.

in the markets. About 2,700 cups a month.

data. Anabella Ronzoni is the key person in the company.

Fan of. Belgrano.

phone. (0351) 425-6021.

E-mail. [email protected]

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