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Facundo Arana and Javier Calamaro landed on Mount Aconcagua for three days


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December 5, 2016

A strong storm of snow stopped the actor Facundo Arana and the singer Javier Calamaro, on the base of the Campaigns of the Aconcagua mountain, 4370 meters. above sea level.

In 2008, Javier Calamaro He sang whales. For that He was immersed in a diving center in the Valdéz Peninsula And he made 13 songs in 45 minutes with a memorable concert through Internet and satellite television. A decade of his madness, In March of this year he met Facundo Arana (three times already growing on the roof, a peak of 6,960 meters), he asked to help him in a new journey: he wanted to Sing in the hammock.

Initially the actor did not believe it, because Calamar worked Together they have organized the Aconcagua Music project. In a conversation with Teleshow, Arana said: "Of course, they both knew who he was, but we did not know each other. And this project gave me the opportunity to meet the extraordinary nature. We were very good friends and we are there".

Javier Calamaro is accompanied Spider What are your tough training days to the summit? However, Instagram hashtag shared updates #AconcaguaMusicAll above. This is a call to wake up the leitmot of this, to appreciate the importance of preserving our environment. outstanding self-improvement.

Aconcagua Music has three moments. First of all, Calamaro was physically and mentally prepared nine months to reach the summit; The second crucial moment is that he is still alive and could not progress during the last three days (the guitar and saxophone began on November 23 with the hand and ends in the middle of December). The third and final phase will be in March go back up to the concert altitude.

"We have to go to the top of the window (that is, the climatic condition for the rise) The mountain is not coming this year, so we can not go there. But we did everything we wanted to come to Aconcagua. If it was a break, it was a great gift, but we're glad"He explained Spider, who said "When we go down, we will see the result of all this, that is to say, great. And that we will propose in Aconcagua Music".

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