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Falcioni and then: Crespo? – 2013/11/30


On Thursday morning a fake bomb exploded. Why was Julio Falcioni rumored on TV rumors, but it was not so. From the club, without an official statement, the emperor will not be excluded and ensure that he will remain until the end of the year. Meanwhile, meetings will be held to deal with their future so as to avoid the start of their health problem in their own position. For this reason, Lucia Barbuto, president of Banfield, and his team want to be appointed as a manager of laryngal cancer treatment when staying in his club.

Sergio Greco, delegate of Julio, Olé affirms that this is a real possibility: "We are talking about a continuing management as we continue in the next year, we are talking about meetings. We are talking about the CD and Falcioni, what we want to see."

He also talked about rumors: "They wanted to be leaked and told them they were liars, they never wanted to throw them out. The contract ends at 12/31 and will continue to be its continuity. Irresponsible as anyone who speaks as if is one ".

Because Falcioni's position is occupied by this position, the CD will look for DT heirs. Hernán Crespo or Gabriel Milito sounds, along with Alejandro Kohan as PF. According to Olé, Crespo is dragging.

Valdanito brought the Parma and Modena inferences to Italian B series.

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