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Family prudence through mobile slavery

At the age of 18, Bariloche took his life after being declared as a mistreatment. A complaint was made by a girl, then she admitted that she was a liar and said she was "angry."

The day-long executives only increased the severity of Agustín Muñoz until the 23rd of December.

The girl complained about social networks. Muñoz participated in a feminist demonstration, surprised to publicly paint. He went home and bounced complaints. Then it was found to be false.

Agustín Muñoz at the age of 18 He has spent his life on sexually abused abuses (Facebook).

Minors contacted Agustin's mother, trying to reduce the complex situation. The girl was also publicly apologized through her networks. "This is a play with Terribas, it is the burden of the victims of rape, abuse and insanity," said Silvina Castañeda, the mother of Agustin.

The woman said that her son was very sensitive and did not fall into a depressed hole.

Agustin's family posted a video, where they find out: "We're very tricky."

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