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Fear: they were reported raped and tortured by seven policemen to refuse a bribe


19th of December, 2019

She decided to show the fear of women two years ago. "Dirty, black, you did not bring 5 thousand pesos," he said, tears, before his abuse.

Video: TV Chronicle

Liliana Herrera (45) He wanted to tell the public trial he had to live in 2016 June 2016, where he was kidnapped, tortured seven police officers and raped, enter Lomas de Zamora.

Women, "Olympus Fair"Engineer Budge, said hello lived, to refuse to pay $ 5,000 surplus to get protection

"They brought me my clothes, there were seven boys and one woman. They took me all, there was a small window, I saw it darker. They beat me, they flushed me when I was in the lead. The only thing he said to me: please, let me say goodbye to my daughter. They never left me, they would not let me down to the bathroom, I broke. The policeman went up and everyone came out, nobody knew what he was doing to me, "he began.

With heart, women told "the only thing I asked God that they were leaving me there, that he was alive hell. The curator said: "If your fingers have enough money to see them down."

"They told me they wanted to force their meat to load, they wanted to work with them. "Five thousand pesos were not the wife of a generation, I would be dead in a stream," he told me. He denounces tears with the conversation Chronicle TV.

He said: "Then he called me the curator, I climbed a half-orange staircase, put it against the wall, put the gun on me and told me" what should I do for my freedom? " It came to me, he told me, "Do not breathe," he put me on the wall and did everything I wanted with my body. Nobody could help me. Why was not someone helped me? "

A mother raped three daughters

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