Wednesday , January 26 2022

Fede Bal has destroyed Lourdes Sánchez and confirmed it? romanticism


Carmen Barbieri was arrested in franganti Actress and musician Julieta Bartolomé. However, it seems that love is in the background, such as Lourdes Sánchez said that kisses are "armed".

When Los Angeles announced the news, and the panel said: "But he knows they are recording," as far as Fede Bal and his musician are concerned, Ángel de Brito has reached his finger and he thinks he's "armed?" Sánchez replied: "Very, obvious."


Julieta Bartolomé, the photographer and actress, was released through Sanchez networks. "What is this misogynist medium, especially women looking at other women? I feel the comments and shame of women, I'm going to go out and say" looking for equality. "Why can not we be like men and we have not scored! Linda's teaching" said Instagram in a story.

And he said on Twitter: "Juan talks about Pedro about what he says about Peter, who is having fun. Lourdes, I want peace, you deserve it, not many of us have to throw away the savanna, some of us have so much envy and talent. It is a man who gets it ".

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