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Federer talked about tennis retreat

Race Roger Federer in the tennis It seems that the end is not, at least in the short term. After 37 years of age, he maintains a superb Swiss level in that discipline, which Fed still helps us to think about this sport. After a few hours before making debut 2019 Hopman Cup (his rival on the night at the Cameron Norrie competition), Helvist gave a talk and let's see he's not thinking about taking out tennis now.

First of all, Switzerland was interviewing the first contest website, the organizers of the tournament praised: "I want to say that this competition is the beginning of a great season, the two years that I was here. The results were wonderful all year long, I can not imagine To compete again for a better environment, I feel very happy today, I'm happy. "

Like all his colleagues in the circuit, the Swiss team spent the rest days of recovery games played during the season. "I had good holidays, I was able to relax with the family and time, and over the last three or four weeks I have had a tough training session. I'm very motivated for the season," Federer said.

When he retired, Roger was strong. "I do not set the dates, I know it's something important to advance my age, I have good luck, and if I did it, it would be useful if people were incredible." In any case, the number 3 of the ATP can happen, which is to compete in 2020

Fed closed the interview yesterday, no one knew that he was confessing his pastime: "I know a few people as a lover of self-esteem, I want to travel to the amazing places and I lose myself on the road." One nightmare is retired. Europe is a great car trip, such places, Los Pinuelos, I am passionate about, it is a very attractive lunar landscape. "

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