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Fendrich, National Treasurer, stole $ 3.2 million, and never knew how to make money – 12/19/2014


24 years ago, his name was on everyone's lips. He disappeared on 23 September 1994 from his work, The Banco Nación Santa Fe office, of $ 3,200,000.

Was He flew 109 days and was delivered on January 9, 1995. On Wednesday, Kuban, Banco Nación (Santa Fe), Mario César Fendrich, was killed after winning the money. Brain Tumor.

One week, relatives received a poor report on Cuban health with a friend on vacation. Fendrich went inside and even though his children traveled to the Caribbean Sea to take him to the provincial capital, but he did not overcome it and died this morning.

Known way bugle, Fendrichen's health was exhausted due to high blood pressure and diabetes.

The name and surname of the delegate jumped on Friday, September 23, 1994. Actually, that day He told his wife that he was going to go fishing all weekend

But on Monday, September 26, 1994, when bank branches opened their branches, they found a saving deficit. Over 3 million pesos Argentine currency was dolarized.

According to the research, Friday Fendrich waited for the truck, He kept money in a box instead of leaving them in the treasury and disappearing.

Since then, bank robbery went into the world. The local and international press kept millions of blows and, at the same time, when its author remained in secret They have studied in depth in Argentina and neighboring countries.

On January 9, 1995, Santa Fé's world news, Carlos Monzon, was the world champion that surrendered Fendrich. She was shaved and dyed.

He was punished Eight years in prison Santa Fe Justice, even though he was conditional released after being imprisoned for four years. However, money was never known. He kidnapped the local version and stole everything from it.

The treasury's case went around the world. He never knew what he did with money.

The treasury's case went around the world. He never knew what he did with money.

bugle It was the only media interviewed twice. He always shuffled questions about money. "I hope one day the truth will be known," he repeated.

Is currently viewed working at a betting agency Santa Fe I went to Sue Colón.

On the 24th of September, at the age of 24, bugle He talked to him again. "No, that's right, I said what I needed to say and I already did justice," he replied.

He was a great friend, he worked and looked good. He was 77 years old.

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