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Fernando Pastorizzo, one year after the crime, speaks of one of the main causes – 12/9/2009

"Weapon of jealousy was the stone of the philosopher," he says Carlos Iván Berón, Head of the Scopometry section of the Faculty of Directors of the Department of Civil Engineering of Entre Ríos. They are related to investigations for the investigation of homicides with "jealousy". In the case of Nahir Galarza, one year ago, Fernando Pastorizzo was sentenced to death.

Beron was the key. He asserted his power to demolish the initial argument of the defense, which allegedly killed the gunman Nair (his father's property, police) accidentally, through a jump on a motorcycle led by Fernando.

"We work from scratch. First of all, the analysis confirmed that the projectors were drawn from a weapon the suspect's father. Afterwards, with previous work by expert judge Gualeguaychú, we went on to mitigate the details of crime, "explains Berón.

"The important thing was jealousy, that is, it revealed by trials To kick and shoot the forces, rotation and direction, the background suffix"explained the expert.

With Nahir shot the cameras, when Pastorizzo died, Sergio Rondoni decided to have an experimental evaluation coordinated by the prosecutor Caffa and Berón. "The first person who had been sitting on the motorcycle with two shots was introduced." In the back, he pulled his breast and pressed the wall of the house, about 60 meters, "said the agent.

"The footprint of this projector ended with his body, so he could not suspect that he did in the background," he added. This is also due to his studies, another bullet "shot in the body lying on the ground and behind the gun, so the bottle and the attacker could not get it. "

This was the key to determining this intentionality.

"We had a hypothetical police court on the same day of homicide," Berón recalls. "It was also important to determine the speed of the vehicle, which was not part of the Pastorizo's gunpowder, which determined the ballistic microscope to gain strength and fire," he explained.

For now, the cause does not present news. "It is a matter of judging the Court of Appeals for the defense court, but it is already in the hands of Justice," says Berón, a highly experienced expert in this case. "This case has had a great deal of exposure and influence, especially in Guleguaychú and Entre Ríos, in general, where we all know each other, but to fully clarify equality and respect for us. I'm 15 years old and I saw more than 1,500 dead. If it were against crime, we acted with equal responsibility and rigor"The police say.

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