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Fernando Pastorizzo's mother Nahir Galarza: "Your face can not be deleted in your account" – 12/9/2014

One year ago, the two morning shots ended the life of Fernando Pastorizo. And the country's shocked saga began: her girlfriend, Nahir Galarza, was arrested and accused of killing her. In July, Nahir became the youngest woman to receive a life sentence in Argentina.

Now he says that he has not spent a year: "He was very clever, he escaped this year." Pastorizzo's mother, the media never spoke, remembered her son in a letter from Facebook and would be charged by a young woman. "Dark person".

"A day like today … but a year ago … I received the worst news of my life. Someone without feeling or heart, dark person … I would not be anybody. But you can never imagine that love can do everything, everything changes … You will never leave, I feel in every corner of our homes, and inside me, in your friends, everyone who does not know your mind made a little " Silvia Mantegazza, Pastorizo's mother, wrote in the social network.

The woman remembers "humor", "physical presence" of her child, "evening conversations can help, ask your questions," how … "how are gnocchi made?" Of course, we offer you all the expressions about where to find what you are looking for. "

Mantegazza will return, at the end of the text, Nahir pointed out. And he tells his son that he already has "human" justice, but another expects him as a mother: "Your death can never erase his face from your head, I imagine how surprising it is, what you shoot … always help … always and When you close your eyes to sleep, this is the last time you see it".

Sister and mother of Fernando Pastorizzo (José Almeida)

Sister and mother of Fernando Pastorizzo (José Almeida)

Carla, Fernando's sister, also remembered the boyfriend of Facebook, and a picture taken from Nahir with another message: "Do not feel the dead, live and, above all, those who live without love."

On the other hand, Galarza will receive a Saturday afternoon by her parents in custody arrested by Marcelo and Yamina and her younger brother. On Friday, Matías Caudana (20) was acquitted in a drug trafficking case, acquiring unwanted consent to the jail. However, he did not deny that he was his boyfriend. This Friday, Infobae said "I can not believe it's been a year since everything was very fast, this year it flew."

I told the media about two weeks ago: "I will always be in pain all my life. I feel bad because I forget that day because I'm finally going to die a young man. I will take my weight all my life. I did what I needed to do. "

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