Saturday , January 16 2021

FF XIV: Shadowbringers presents hrothgar, his new race

New race Hrothgar), a new job (dancers), and new cities like Crystarium and Eulmore. These are Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers and many novelties we can find out. Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest It was held in Tokyo, Japan, on these days.

Shadowbringers new game expansion, dated for next July 2and so far was known as the Final Fantasy XII scallops, as a race play and a NieR: the creators of the game made by Automatism.

Final Fantasy XIV: Hrothgar

The new race, hrothgar, it will only have men's characters, thus forming You've seen it, that's just women. Both races will have two clues, their editor and special customization elements.

FFXIV: Shadowbringers, Dancers

The dancer's job is second hand Shadowbringersafter breaking. It will be recommended minimum 60 levels and focuses on it remote fight through throw weapons. It is very similar to the trade of the bard.

Final Fantasy XIV: Crystarium and Eulmore

They will be the cities of new games Crystarium and Eulmore. He will play like the first New HUBIt is surrounded by an exotic purple flora, full of buildings and crystals, with natural light.

At the same time, Eulmore this is divided into two cities. On the one hand, those who live in the center, in an elevated area, and celebrate and celebrate those who celebrate the world. On the other hand, the lower areas, the first supply and all the difficulties and poverty.

We remind you that FFXIV will be Shadowbringers First access on June 28 and will have a collector's edition, which will include two books of art and illustrations Warrior of Darkness, stickers, stickers and digital content, such as frames and weapons.

Diffusion will start PC (Windows 10, Mac and Steam) and PlayStation 4 hurrengoa July 2, 2019.

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