Wednesday , October 27 2021

Final Fantasy XV celebrates its second anniversary and presents the first preview of Ardyn


The Final Fantasy XV development was not easy and it was going to be more than enough to pray, but we must admit that Square Enix has put flesh in the txoko: animated series, film productions, alternative gaming experiences as well as stellar collaborations.

Looking at the whole view so far, one of the company's greatest wealth, has continued to grow, to improve and adapt to new systems, PC edition or Pocket version.

Two years later, and with Luminous Productions, we will see the unique retrospective of Noctis and his band's trip, where we will see sequences of adventure, game events, star-shaped and some surprises. Horizon The Yellow Monkey theme on the back.

Final Fantasy XV He has continued to expand and receive collaborations, including Final Cross Final Fantasy 14. Pin of this adventure? It's not exactly

In spring, the story's prologue will be released: Ardyn episode. A new chapter dedicated to one of the most famous figures. And DLC will announce the final content after the other ad.

And despite the fact that a few months have passed, Square Enix has already shown a short preview.

The good news is that you are still getting caught before launching it: Final Fantasy XV XV Edition It includes all the console sections and content and the PC version is not only one of them, it also offers an unknown aspect. And be careful, what you call multiplayer is, friends There are now 9.99 euros available.

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