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Financial Income: Investing in pesos will pay more – 28/08/2013

Fixed-term or other investments in dollars or other currencies do not pay any form of non-established income or have not paid any income from those invested in weight. Lung deposits will reach the beginning of 2018 and 150,000 dollars.

This is one of the greatest distortions and differences income tax That means "The difficulty will be saved" and a The "dollarization" boost, According to IARAF (Argentine Institute of Public Fiscal Analysis).

This tax is 5%, in the case of investments in weight adjustment clauses and 15% in foreign currency or with an incremental exchange rate clause. and In 2018, it is applied to income of over $ 66,918.

As a result, in nominal securities or investments in nominal values, in high inflation periods, Weighing 5% of weight in dollars is greater than 15% or any other foreign currency.

IARAF provides the following example. along with An initial capital of $ 2 billionAt the beginning of 2018, when it is saved, in a fixed period of time, in an average annual rate effective weight 55%, it will have to pay a tax $ 51,650, when the special deduction is calculated and a 5% tax rate has been applied.

If the investment is invested in the consolidated position of the capital, the cost of living indices (supposedly the simplicity of the 45% of the year) and the effective annual interest rate will be 10%, albeit the same amount as in the previous year. The first tax option ($ 1.1 million) It will only be $ 30,000.

Finally, if the capital was converted into a dollar and at the same time, the annual rate of 1% would generate a tax of 6,160 dollars.

IARAF says It is not enough to apply tax payroll nominal and non-real and the inflation rate on the earnings achieved will be deducted and 15% will be applied, the foreign exchange currency clause or foreign exchange practice.

Based on the interest rates applied to the weight ratio, IARAF estimates that "the initial capital will be $ 150,000 at the beginning of the year, at 2018". He adds that "this situation means that the simplified regime (Monotributo), dependent workers, landlords or retirees will not be subject to taxation until the fiscal year 2017 has been filed, or if there have been no sworn statements, they should do it from now on. Due to the magnitude of the financial refunds nominal In 2018, taxable new taxes will be introduced, complex taxation schemes (DDJJ) must be submitted, if not instituted simplified regime, It would be highly recommended. "

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