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Financial revenues: this year, people who sell a home must pay as much as they will be in the future

However, people or companies that carry out real property transactions with real estate property will be subject to financial income tax. From January 1, 2018. In this case, 15% of tax revenue is a peculiar lot, that is, the profit generated between the purchase and the sale.

"A division between properties acquired from January 1, 2018 must be drawn When they are sold, they are the ones who will pay their income taxes, "he explained César LitvinLisicki's CEO, Litvin & Asoc. The rest of the operations must pay the Property Transfer Tax (ITI), already applied The sale price is 1.5%.

ITI does not abolish new regulations Both taxes live together and one or the other application will only be available on the day of purchase of goods.

According to the tax expert, from the new scheme implementation, You will not see so many cases of real estate operations as "underlying bill", that is, whose deeds have been lower than the value of up to 30%. "From now on, the buyer will not have to pay the bill to pay more when you sell this property," said Litvin.

This is one of the innovations that the reform introduces sales are also taxes. "For example, if a person signs a card and gives ownership, he will pay 15% of the profits, as long as the issue is issued from January 1, 2018". explained Litvin.

The "good" card of an asset is subscribed in the case of subscribers and is sold at 80% or 90% ownership. Between profits between the two operations, this is Before paying, he would pay 15% at that time.

To find out Why are two taxes better? The seller, in the case of IIT or income tax, must be examined in each particular case, as it depends on the time when it purchases a lot of property.

However, some simulation can be done. The property had a purchase price of $ 100,000 in January 2018, which at that time was $ 1.7 million. Although the same property was sold in September, over USD 100,000 had more than $ 4 million. In that case, the owner did not win in dollars, but he had to pay 15% in weight. "With this new tax I have to lose dollars and pay the same tax because it is applied to weights"said Litvin.

"In principle, we must not update the value of the properties. If you buy at $ 100,000 now, and within six months if your dollar reaches $ 50, why are the parameters updated? It's crucial that you do not get a profit that you do not buy at $ 100,000 and it's sold at $ 100,000. It is not the same if that country is more stable. If you're updating the inflation, it's not a win, "he explained. Alejandro Bennazar, Head of the House of the Argentine Chamber of Real Estate (CAI).

From the real estate sector, It will rotate tax taxes among investors Previously, he decided to buy a "good" property, and now he would prefer another tool. "This is happening in the worst fall of the last 20 years," he said. Armando Pepe, President of the Unique Associations of Real Estate Brokers in Buenos Aires.

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