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Five months in two weeks and the country's alert

30-year-old Epuyen Chubut died at the skeletal hospital and became the fifth victim of Hantavirus. In the middle of December, when the health alert was declared in the region of that country.

For the same illness, there are two people with intensive care and three others in the room skeleton health center, a city on the Andes mountain range. There are already 13 cases in Chubut.

But this virus is almost in the whole national territory. In Argentina, three endemic regions have been identified: Ipar (Salta, Jujuy), Centro (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos) and Sur (Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut).

According to the National Health Secretary, in 2013-2018 there were 192 cases in the province of Buenos Aires; 191 in Salta; 97 in Jujuy and 41 in Santa Fe. These provinces classify them by the number of cases of infected viruses. There are 1,440 cases throughout the country.

The newspaper explains that hantavirus is a serious disease of viral illness, caused by Hanta virus. Wild animals (especially in long hairs) are transmitted to people by eliminating the saliva, feta and urine virus.

Symptom is a state of flu: fever, muscles, coldness, headaches (headache) nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhea.

After a few days, it can worsen breathing "Cardiopulmonary Syndrome for Hantavirus"It can lead to death if the person is not hospitalized.

Laura Barcán, Head of the Department of Infection at the Italian Hospital, said Los Andes said the death rate "is great" Since there is no specific treatment, there is no timely remedy, no matter how quickly it works, "a very complex image."

The first cases of Hantavirus Pathol Syndrome (HPS) in Argentina were registered in 1995 Since then, the South American country is the number of most cases, according to official data.

Emilio Alvar, a 37-year-old painter In November 2017, Merlo said in the city of Buenos Aires that he had a pharmacological coma of 35 days. And after leaving the hospital, more than a year ago, he still could not fully recover.

His muscles atrophied at the hospital and had to rehabilitate. Nowadays, although he is physically recovered, he suffers unfortunate and terror attacks while he does not return to work.

Barcán infectorologist If you want to get into a place where people have been locked up in a long time ago, it is advisable to have an open half an hour and insert them into the nose and into a damp cloth so as to prevent inhalation of wounds.

In that lineHe explained, in the case of a sick family, that barriers should be used, for example, chinstraps.

With regard to the vulnerable areas and the spread of viruses in different countries, Barca said that it is very close to destroying the surrounding natural environments. For example, in areas where forest clearance increases, rats approach urban areas.

Chubut health authorities They reinforced the preventive tasks and extended a 90-day alert until March. They work together with the Health Contingency Commission, consisting of national and provincial healthcare technicians and authorities.

Besides, Malbrán Institute experts traveled to the district help with physicians In the hospital hospitals of Esquel, Epuyén and other Andean regions, through a multidisciplinary work table.

In it, he began investigating, evaluating and redefining the actions that began on the 3rd of December, due to unexpected epidemiology, due to the occurrence of the transmitted infection by the rodent.

After studying the state of affairs, Specialists define lines of action related to epidemiological, psychosocial and communicative aspects Continue working with the community, including healthcare groups and various regional organizations.

On the other hand, The director of the Esquel's Programming Room, Jorge Elías, He acknowledged that "the situation of the day is very complicated, especially in Epuyen", in northwestern Chubut, where people who hired Hantavirus were created.

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