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Fixed terms are renewed, but the dollar falls and the Central Zone feels comfortable with 50 percent rates

The Central Bank has reduced its rate of 50%. In the Liquidity Letters bidding, this rate was paid, even though it did not allow an upgrade of $ 28,500 million, because the customers did not accept a higher rate of demand from banks with fixed-term deposits. Stocks began in February about $ 850 million.

With this battle of the arm, the last four wheels have launched $ 100 million. Thursdays will see the impact of these funds. Another test will be to return the funds to banks to withdraw funds.

For now, this rate is 50% and weighing the weights, The wholesale dollar was 6 cents and 38.83 pesos. In the week, the currency decreased to 75 cents, while the central bank raised the average rate of Leliq from 46% to 49.98. The cash flow in banks and exchange homes fell 12 cents at 39.83 pesos.

The problem is that my mother is an obstacle to seeing better the functioning of the market because the need is distorted by the behavior of investments. At the end of the month we commit to compensate for losses in future markets and face different payments. Money is money and negative for the dollar. We must wait until Friday to find out how the evolution of the fixed-term was known. Last week, $ 10 million fell.

In just a few days, we should face 4% of inflation in February and we will create concerns because the interest rate is very low.

For that, The reserves only dropped to $ 66 million from $ 5 million Although 32 million won abroad due to the rise of gold and euro. The only payment was made in Brazil for 2 million to compensate for commercial exchange operations.

The country's risk was reduced by 0.43% in 688 basis points, as a result of the US Treasury bond reduction. The local bonds fell, but when the dollar fell, this decline was offset.

The stock market continued its negative course. It may be an excuse for a good day in the south-east Asia conflict, but the balance will not work. Denying them
Companies with inflation adjusted their numbers.

The number of businesses increased by 20% to 556 million dollars. S & P Merval, the main stock index lost 1.89% and closed its 2% downturn in the day. Banks and electricity companies opened the way. Supervielle lost 4.28% and in Galicia, 4.08%. Pampa Energía fell by 4.13% and Edenor, 3.85%.

In Wall Street, the ADR of Argentina did not do well. The shareholder certificates that are listed in dollars are not in good standing. Surprise MarketLibre accounted for 20.12% growth, which was the most significant increase in this year's ADR: 52.53 dollars. In the fourth quarter of the year, the company's balance earned $ 420 million, as the structure changed the lower costs and the payment business income.

The rest fell. Banco Supervielle fell by 4.80% and Galicia stood at 4.21%. Positive most ADRs have won this year.

Tomorrow, intense movement is expected to close operations at the end of the month and is a central issue, because the dollar's fall has stopped drilling the bottom of the water band. At this point it is very important that the UPNA decides for the next income of $ 10.7 million for Argentina. Until now, money can be suspended by foreign currency debt; It is not possible to intervene in the market.

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