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Flavio Mendoza, Jimena Baron, "jokes": "If you do not have people in the recitals, how will Mery del Cerro's dream come true?"


Panelist Show specialists mentioned finalist comment DancingHe made a joke Dionysus and Mirko Marley.

Flavio Mendoza, hardcore with Jimena Baron, with the help of Mery del Cerro, Dantzan

Help video here Twitter of Flavio Mendoza to Mery del CerroHe showed up with his son DionysusHe got a joke Jimena Baron As a response, in the forecast of the semifinal Dance of 2018 confession and singer as a finalist. When Flavio shared a video, he embraced his baby and wrote: "They must win Dance of 2018 @mery_delcerro and @FacuMazzei. Rate meryfacu 44644. "With Ironia, Baron responded quickly:" Mirko arrested. "At that moment, humor did not sit well with platinum, and replied:" Obviously, Mirko is a beautiful baby. How funny is being a mom, do you comment? "

After the anger of the choreographer, Jimena wanted to reduce the question: "@flaviomendoza seems to create controversy, we understood that it was a joke." However, the artist remained uncomfortable in his position: "With children, no, my dear, nor controversy, I do not need."

The Catalonian vote when Baron returned to the final ShowMatchMendoza congratulated the singer: "You need to know, congratulations @baronjimena." Chance Jimena had the chance to fight Flavio: "Thank you, bombonazo. Most Sos and your son. Do not be goose, it was a joke. I want to take care of you whenever you like and you've let it cheat. (Step by step, @caiazza_mauro gets the idea is doing) ".

But when controversy seemed like a thing of the past, Flavio Mendoza he thought Show specialists On Twitter Jimena Baron. And it was spicy: "Even if I had a joke, put the baby in … Mirko hold." And he went on: "I do not think that our children, Marleyren, mine and one Luciana SalazarThey are very challenging all the time. So I do not think I'm doing my mom. Besides, I said, hold on Lali Esposito. As it says Susana GiménezWith the joke they kept me all my life. Joke, no. The children have nothing to do with it. I think when it comes to the baby. Baby, no. Tell me, trolo, poorly dyed, squeeze my eyebrows. With me, whatever you want. I will not be angry, but it seems boys do not have to participate. And if he preaches that he is divine and holy, it seems he is not so holy".

In the end, Flavio Mendoza It was somewhat the opposite Jimena Baron, who promised to make a recital for the helpless dreamer Mery del Cerro: "If you do not put people back in recitations, how will Mery del Cerro help you dream?".

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