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Floods caused by floods in the territory and the North have killed four thousand and five thousand families – 11/11/2019

Five thousand families had to help, thousands of them were evacuated, thanks to the floods that occurred in the last days of one of the five provinces in the North, leaving four people dead and four isolated villages. The situation may be worse if announcements are predicted by the Meteorology Service.

Corrientes have more than 2,500 evacutes and there are places where they were isolated, which complicates Civil Defense.

Orlando Bertoni, Director of Civil Defense Operations of the Province, asserts that he is helping Emedrado, Concepción, Mercedes, Paso de los Libres and Santa Lucia, that is, the most difficult of a river.

More than 4,500 families were affected by storms in Chaco. PHOTO CADENA3

More than 4,500 families were affected by storms in Chaco. PHOTO CADENA3

Paso de los Libres, the last three days of death sentences were recorded. Meanwhile, Lieutenant of the Government Gustavo Canteros brought the crisis commission between the National Gendarmerie, the Civil Defense and other authorities.

On the other hand, the Chaco authorities have said that only in the provincial capital, they have directly affected at least 4,500 families and have been evacuated to 500 community centers and public centers.

Mayor Jorge Capitanitx sent a letter to Mauricio Macri, who urged "a lot of effort, speed and priority" to carry out two "essential" work to ensure that floods could have an impact on the Great Resistance metropolitan area.



"We know the country's difficulties and budget constraints, but the needs of our community are impossible," said the mayor.

As a result of storms, there are four deaths in the region: three of the Paso de los Libres – when a woman and her daughter were drowned – as well as a baby caught by a horn, a motorcycle ran from her father in Santiago del Estero.

In the province of Santa Fe, Secretary of Resources for Water Juan Carlos Bertoni said that the "state of the northern province" is "more complex", with forecasts added to Santiago del Estero and Chaco.

"The forecast for the next six days, more than 200 millimeters in the band that goes to the northwest of Reconquist, worries us about the flow of the river El Rey, the difference between Avellaneda and Reconquista, an important flood, a situation that is becoming more and more complex," said the Litoral statement.

In the north of Santa Fe, in the country bordering the province of Chaco, it is located in Los Amores, one of the Northern Penalties, which over the past 20 days has suffered more than 740 millimeters of rain, almost three quarters of what is expected all year?

Omar Walker, chief commander, FM Sol 91.5 said "half the people are completely damaged" and "pray" that water does not pass defenses, otherwise "1,500 people should be evacuated."

Meanwhile, 800 families from the floods helped support Santiago del Estero, according to the sources of the Civil Defense. The La Banda city began its rain at 220 millimeters in 10 hours and, on Wednesday, residents tore the Juan Perón highway to request food delivery.

Finally, in the province of Tucumán, after the storms last two days, there were at least 400 people.

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