Wednesday , January 27 2021

Flor Peña has given Pampita a harsh response to the following questions: "It can cure it because it is cold and it does not have too much blood."

After the model of the dancer's jury recommended, the actress responded with sharp darts.

A stubborn answer to Flor Pena for Pampita's advice

Performances Florence Peña and Laurita Fernández as a judge Dance of 2018 They were placed under the ground. After returning several crosses and various controversies with the participants, pampita He published some tips … those who did not take it very well!

"If I have them, you know how to distribute the zeroes and know how to lower your second pompadour.", he assured the model Show specialists. He added: "I could not give the girls advice, I will tell you how I would play it, I would be so much fun".

"It's not the same, we have more populations, more people, put a cold face and zero."

He asked her words, and Flor's pictorial opinion explains her own cycle eltrece: "If we do this, we will mix personal. It's not the same, more crowded, we're more people. Make a cold face and put zero. If we put zero, & # 39; and what you eat & # 39; we will say ".

"pampita It's more elitist. First of all, it is a model and it does not have to complete the playwright, nor to pay for the card to see anyone. I do a job that decides what people should do, that is, it's not zero to put on anyone, not picky or moody"he added, without filters.

"Pampita can do this role, because it is cooler, more thoughtful, it does not have much blood, we are Latin."

Finally, the actor studied the function of the jury Carolina Ardohain Every free program: "I do not build a character more than anything else now, it's not coming out and I'm not that. Pampita can do this role, because it's cooler because she has more thoughts than a lot of blood. We are Latins I see her seat watching and a little bit of a key to move without a kiss, she has that personality. I get it, I feel guilty, and I'm sorry, and I'm sorry for the participant at the end of the program. "

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