Monday , January 18 2021

Flor Peña mentioned her worst sex: "We did not determine because it was a micropenus"

Florencia Peña was one of the guests of PH Podemos Hablar, and she was surprised to tell her a story about her past. In our social networks, we see it as a sexy bomb every day, even though it has not always been a good race at sex.

When he thought that he was going to fly to Polynesia, he thought he was almost dying, the actor asked for a breakthrough, asking the man who was an outcast who asked him.

Toto's mistress, Juan and Felipe laughed, all the guests left open. "Talk about the microphone." What happened to me was horrible. You need to go to the bifesean if you lose time. There were many tournaments until the time. There was no voluntary question … "he said.

Flower is super sexy in her social networks. (Photo: Instagram @flor_de_p).
Flower is super sexy in her social networks. (Photo: Instagram @flor_de_p).

He then acknowledged everything that could determine the sexual activity, but it was not possible: "I must say," that does not start. "We went to bed, we liked it a lot and thought I was not there, it would be enriching, unless I bought a prosthesis."

Zaira Nara, who spoke about her pure experience, said that this man said "it was watering in the river", although it was not true.

"I continued (the game), but it took three hours and well … I should say that there was the theme, or something else should look, Andy!"

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