Monday , May 29 2023

Flor Peña stood up and told her lapidary that she did not like anything about Mica Vicicont: "they will never accept me …"


Mica Viciconte the track came Dancing He was convinced by his floclor and not by the jury.

During the return period Flor Peña, the jury gave his explanations of criticism and justified that the score had nothing to do with participating, but with dance.

Faced with this warning, Viciconte was not happy and ended his response: "And what can I do, I put a ribbon on my face, a bag?".

Compared to the spicy repetition of the ancient Combi, the jury recalled: "If you still do not accept the money back it is very difficult".

"Ten returns do not like anything"Viciconte added.

Immediately, and already angry with a tone, running Flor Peña: "Do not be victimized because I have nothing for you, you can swear that you".

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