Monday , May 29 2023

Florida Keys Study Works Dolphins to Work Together (Video)


Keys to MARATHON, Florida – Can Botlenose dolphins collaborate to complete and complete the task?

"Yes", marine mammals researchers have studied at the Dolphin Research Center in Florida Keys.

Nearly all year round the project cooperates with dolphins to work together.

A study in collaboration with Western Australia scientist investigated the pair of dolphins that travel across the Florida Keys lagoon to reach and capture underwater voices. The buttons were connected to a surface computer, when the dolphins were dropped by recording actions and the time difference.

"We wanted to see that we wanted to cooperate actively with the pests," said Dr. Kelly Jaakkola (YAH & # 39; -hain), DRC's research director. "The game was that dolphins had to swim in the lakes and at the same time press the buttons … exactly within a second window."

In some tests, the dolphins were sent together, Jaakkola said. Other times, there was a delay in posting a member. The other would wait, so both press the buttons at the same time.

"The dolphins did not succeed in this test, they were amazing," he said. "Eventually, the difference between its press buttons was 370 milliseconds.

"It's a third of a third," added Jaakkola. "This kind of precision shows that they have not cooperated … they are then coordinated in a coordinated way to synchronize their behavior."

"Behavior synchronization", when savvy ice bottlenos show that they are coordinating swimming or eating, is likely to be a general cognitive ability to apply to many activities, Jaakkola said.

DRC researchers are also investigating the use of signaling voices by the dolphins or other ways of coordinating actions.

The results of the study were published in The Royal Society's biological research in the UK's science academy.


Bottlenose dolphins can understand the role of their partner in a cooperative.

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