Wednesday , January 20 2021

Foolishness of "Pity" to a friend of Boca, at the Copa Libertadores final

Gonzalo MartínezHis performance against Boca led him into the hearts of the side of the river, although he offered a song ("Pity Martinez, how crazy it is ").

Despite the willingness to dissuade the new United States Major League Soccer champion United States, love is still very well. In the last hours Pity was a leaked video where she made a fun friend Liberator Cup against the final match xeneize.

"Fat, are you still hurt? They sell Farmer's Actron 600", he says under the footballer, blinking at Boca.

Eventually it was played Santiago Bernabéu, the first of Hurricane was recruited from January 3 to 1, with an epic race that will be remembered for many years.

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