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For a minute minute Alejandro Domínguez: "The conditions of the game are not given"


It was a piece of paper that was considered to be the biggest party in the world and was seen in ten countries. A new cachetazo about football in Argentina, Conmebol's organizational failures, operational security, and FIFA party misdirections.

Chronicle of a monumental pity

There were no hours before the Superfinal. Among the official trips and outings, Conmebol defined a battle of arms: The game has been delayed, because "conditions are not" , According to the president of Alejandro Domínguez.

Although they did not announce the day of the new meeting, when the Government requested it, they clarified it After the summit of the G20 leaders. It is an option with the most resonance December 8

Before the definition of Conmebol, when he was 17 years old at the game, the Monumental opened its doors and the first enthusiasts entered the field. However, with that change they had to leave the property. angry lack of status and communication

Xeneize leadership South American football organization has pressured the suspension of the match and applying river penalties, after a group of millions of fans threw a stone shower on the Boca micro and injured many players in the team.

Pablo Pérez is not in physical condition.
Pablo Pérez is not in physical condition.

One of the injured was Captcha Boca, Pablo Pérez, who was diagnosed with a "corneal ulcer caused by a foreign eye" object. This afternoon, the plane was taken to Otamendi Sanatorium, Alejandro Weremzuck's ophthalmologist checked. Accompanied by a scribe, his wound to check the player he clarified to play, the doctors said.

In a climate of uncertainty, River made his first decision in Conmebol and gave a statement that he was 17 years old at the game.

"River Plate reports that according to the South American Confederation of Football (CONMEBOL), the game will be at 5:00 p.m. At present, River Plate complies with the organizer's provisions (" CONMEBOL) "In the same vein, all audiences reminiscent of the stadium doors already They are open and, for this entry, they will have to go along with the same foreign card together with their ID ", they certify that they are on the club's official website.

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