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For lack of agreement, today's "Law against the Councils" will not be discussed in the Congress of Deputies – 12/12/2018


It was complex and it looked. Inaccuracy with the text and going and going, The House of Representatives decided to delay That evening, a debate on the brave tabernas will be held next Monday 18th. This session, at the end of the 18th year, was chaired by Emilio Monzó, who started at 12:00 noon. Treatment of dozens of initiatives.

The original text of the project was sent by the Executives to the Congress after the Superfinal River-Boca suspension scandal. President Mauricio Macri announced the intention of naming the law before the end of January The subject has been sensible in the treatment of matter.

Creates text Many doubts and observations still within Cambiemos. When the decision was final, the Parliamentary Law Commission, Gabriela Burgos, made an effort to reach agreement. But he did not get there.

Many MPs said they were in difficulties to face this difficulty.

The amendment approves a lot of changes that reduce penalties, depending on the latest available version. This latest version makes it clear to football, directors and football players who punish or endure them.

The following days, legislators will get an agreement. The Senate will meet on December 12. The Deputies give a fine of half a sentence to the law against the law 18, re-assembling the high house and calling for the call 21 call for the call. The exact provisions invented by the Government are fairly fair. The law will not create this year.

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