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For ten minutes: the brain's life is active after the death of the body

Sunday, November 25, 2018 11:41

For many years, humans are more than conscious of death. To date, this question has been a complex puzzle to decrypt, but a study by a group of experts from the State University of New York was published and published in the Official Gazette of the European Survival Council. According to Sam Parnia, director of intensive care at this center, people are "immediately aware that they have died" because consciousness continues to stop their body because it continues to work.

In order to find out about a group of researchers led by Parnia, he has analyzed the results of a group of patients with heart arrhythmias. The heart stopped and technically speaking. However, they soon succeeded. The studies stressed that patients had met the whole conversation and had the opportunity to see the things that were happening around them, even though they were still in heart.

From a medical point of view, the time of death is defined at the time the heart is stopped and, consequently, the blood flow stops in the brain. When an attack fails, the heart muscle allows the blood to be pumped. Then, in the cerebral cortex, the "thought" of the brain immediately reduces its activity, which means that in a monitor of about 20 seconds the brain waves are not visible.

This first reaction triggers the chain of cellular processes that cause brain death. However, according to Dr. Parnia, it may take hours for the heart to end until the final death, the type of brain.

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This is a study by researchers from the University of Michigan. Nine anesthetized rats were taken to cardiac arrest, and then accelerated the detection of the activity models associated with a "hyper-alert" alert. And, recently, a Canadian medical intensive unit recently detected a last-minute sustained activity of the last 10-minute brain in the last year's life support.

To prevent this, a heart-lung acceleration is carried out and some blood is sent to the brain "approximately 15% of what is normal to work," the doctor explained. The amount is enough to stop the death of brain cells, but not again.

"If you get the heart to restart, that is, what CPR does, you can gradually start the brain's work again. The longer you are doing the CPR, the neurons are dying, the slower progression, the doctor says, this death contact He transforms people who live, they become altruistic.


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