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For the first time, a female mother was transplanted from the dead mother to the uterus


The first child in the world, created by a female stardom Transplanted uterus from a dead donor Born one year ago in Brazil, The Lancet magazine said on Wednesday.

It's the first time after ten gaps In the United States, the Czech Republic and Turkey, the uterine transplant A donor of the deceased it allows birth. It is also one of the first born births in the Americas.

How was the operation

The transplant was made in September 2016 at the University of Sao Paulo Clinic. The mother received her nausea He was 32 years old and was born without such a body (Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome).

Umetokoa was a 45-year-old woman the stroke died and he gave different organs (heart, liver, kidneys), Rh positive factor.

The operation lasted more than 10 hours and then it was one immunosuppressive treatment. The patient did not deny the new organ and, after seven months of having had a month, the ovo fertilizers that created a normal pregnant woman were introduced.

Child was born healthy, a bit premature, cesarean during 35 weeks and three days, On the 15th of December 2017 and weighed around 2,550 kilos.

Medical Team at the University of Sao Paulo Clinic, the first transplanted baby in the uterus of a deceased donor.
Medical Team at the University of Sao Paulo Clinic, the first transplanted baby in the uterus of a deceased donor.

du The uterus was removed during cesarean section Be able to stop immunosuppressive treatment, very hard for the patient. The baby and his mother left for three days at the hospital.

Seven months from birth, baby He was very fine, with a weight of 7.2 pounds and still breastfeed to his mother, in good health, according to the Sao Paulo University Clinic.

Succeed after a dozen failures

From the first donation to a woman with a life-womb, in Sweden in 2013, 39 transplants were made, of which 11 were given by the patient.

So far, "the only pregnancy that occurred after a transplant in the uterus was in Turkey in 2011" and It caused a miscarriage, According to Dr. Srdjan Saso, at the Imperial College London Department.

Successful Experience "presents several benefits to a woman's abdominal womb: The potential amount of donors is greater, cheaper, and dangers for life-giving dams".

"Nursing donors can provide access to this treatment for" women with infertility in uterine origin, "said Dr. Dani Ejzenberg, director of the University Hospital of Sao Paulo, Lancet.

Professor Andrew Shennan opens the postmodern donation pathway that sends the obstetrician of Kings College London, "in the case of" other organs, "which states that" the woman can not understand a baby to make the Uterus flawed in pregnancy " "go without trust with the surviving donors" or "adopt or rent a belly" to become a mother.

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