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For the sake of the whim, the suicidal behavior of fire can cause: analysis, World news

Scientists have long since learned that some of the clay beaches are sinking and they will hardly die after the noise exposure, and now they know why: giant sea mammals suffer from decompression, like divers.

In the first blush, it seems impossible to explain 21 experts in Proceedings B magazine 21.

Thanks to the evolution of millions of years, the whales have penetrated into calibrated submersions, at kilometers below the surface (miles), in the inky depth of the food.

Heart failure slows down, blood flow is limited and oxygen is conserved.

So how can the bubbles of nitrogen that most ocean depths in the oceans poison their veins, like a scuba-begging rising too fast?

Short answer: beaked whale, especially a species of Cuvier, really awful.

Report on the Cuvier bush on the sound of a man from the southern Mediterranean sea, according to a new theory.Photo: AFP

"The presence of Sonar stands out and it swims from the sound source, changing the diving model," author author Yara Bernaldo de Quiros, researcher at the Animal Health Institute at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Caná. , said AFP.

"The response to stress, that is, the diving response, which adds nitrogen to animals," he added. "Speed ​​is like a kick".

A type of sound is usually thrown out of the ankle.


The underwater patrols and exercises developed in the 1950s, especially the United States and its NATO allies, are currently using the detection of submarines currently used to detect active frequency (MFAS).

Starting in 1960, the underwater signals began around 5 kHz (Hz).

That's when the clay pottery began, especially in the Mediterranean, when they started.

Between 1960 and 2004, 121 atlas were called "atypical", closely related to at least 40 ship activities.

Starting in 1960, boats began to emit underwater signals about 5 kilohertz (kHz), that is, when the massive claybill beach began.Photo: AFP

These were not the individual breakdowns of older or sick animals, or the cheeks that occurred in New Zealand November, when more than 200 multi-boat riders met.

Rather, at least one or two smaller boats will be cleansed with flowers one or two days, and more than a dozen miles away.

The most deadly in 2002 occurred in 2002, during the 36-hour 36-hour NATO coat of arms in the Canary Islands.

"After a few hours of the signal, the animals started on the beach," said Bernaldo de Quiros.

Outside, whales featured signs of illness or damage: body weight was normal, not skin lesions or infections.

Inside, it was another story. The nitrogen gas bubble filled the veins, and their brains blew their bleeding.

The autopsy also affected other organs, including the central spinal cord and the central nervous system.


As altitude sickness, reactions – in blood bubbles of nitrogen depends on the type and intensity of nitrogen bubbles in humans, and probably on whales.

In 2003, thanks to the possible link between the Nature magazine and the dead of the whale, Spain was prohibited by sea fishing in 2004 in the Canary Islands.

"Later on, in the Canary Islands, it was a site for this type of atypical", said Bernaldo de Quiros. "Since the moratorium, it has not happened."

The authors have called similar prohibitions to other regions that know the whales of fishing.

Cuvier's seven meter length (23 feet) and especially freshwater fish and fish. A mouth turned forward is the impression of a permanent smile.

Whale "in danger" is a "vulnerable" red IUCN species, with a global population of 5,000 and 7,000.

As for other threats, marine strikes, ocean pollution and climate change have changed habitats.

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