Wednesday , October 20 2021

Fortnite decided to get rid of the swords because they ruined the game


After three days, Epic Games, Fortnite, He decided to get rid of the sword of the game. The reason? They were totally ruined by strong and experienced experiences.

"Hey folks, we did wrong and we started Infinity Blade to tackle too much power and a good way, especially at the end of games. We've eliminated Infinity Blade and we are evaluating how to offer mythical objects in the future," the company wrote on Twitter.

The Sword came to the 7th season of the game They have quickly become a problem.

Fortnite sword was already removed for the game.
Fortnite sword was already removed for the game.

According to experts, He won this game in synonym. Those who had it were almost invincible and a single impact on the sword killed their rivals, apart from tearing the structures.

For now, he does not know if the sword has returned, but the company has accepted the mistake and seeks a better balance between objects and powers. A few months ago something similar happened, because Thanos's transformation was very strong.

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