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Fourteen cases of dengue have been confirmed in Misiones and 50 other classmates

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At the beginning of the week, the Voluntary Epidemiology of the National Health Division was one of the five sites of Puerto Iguazú "localized dengue transmission".

In this region, the province's Ministry of Public Health yesterday confirmed that the autumn city council has just finished more positive cases.

Jorge Gutiérrez, the director of Epidemiology in the healthcare portfolio of the province, told Acá te Contamos por Radioactiva, in the interview that 20 viruses transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in all 20 missed cases. Only a few months ago, positive ones came to five in the province, according to official information.

The official, on the other hand, underlines that 50 cases are being investigated and already have 160 excluded, "which is why it is still very dynamic, since we are extending the numbers were more than 200 cases investigated in the province."

In addition, Gutiérrez stressed that the causes of the City Council are confirmed by external concentrations, Las Orquídeas, Hermoso neighborhoods and Ecological Marine. "If we are asserting new cases in the province, we hope to unfortunately hope it less, but I believe we are expecting a lot of suspects in the study and this was confirmed during the week."

"In principle, the good news is that all DEN1s are circulating throughout the province, and the same serotype throughout the country, as in the last season, most of which are specifically from Puerto Iguazú, especially in the outskirts of the city, and throughout the province There are some but there are very few, "said the specialist.

Then the Epidemiology Director explained: "When it's suspicious, the blockage is done immediately, because, after all, it is negative, we can not wait for official confirmation to start the movement. It is surprising that some professionals thought that this disease could be treated, blocked and therefore many In provinces there are different places in the province, whether they confirm or not. "

"There are suspicious cases in the provincial capital and we are waiting for confirmation. Overall, it is expected that positive private health centers in private laboratories are confirmed, but they are the only ones that can be confirmed by the Public Health Laboratory, that is to say, what the private patients can do to pass the patient outcome they usually send us a sample, they will be consulted for Public Health and we confirm that there are many differences and that is why we emphasize this assertion with the provincial laboratory, "he explained.

Continuous work

The National Health Secretariat has confirmed its Integrated Bulletin on Epidemiological Eradication on February 25 that Puerto Iguazú is one of five areas of transmission of dengue; In that regard, Gutiérrez considered theoretically, as the work carried out with the municipality and the provincial authorities continued in the same way: "It is probably important, but for us there has been no change, because we have been angry with the season and has already started a pre-boarder With them, they are constantly doing activities, that is, for us there is no change in the field of work. "
"Normally, according to the work of the Ministry, there is an account every weekend, and that is why we pass to the media. In general, there was no movement, it is in this way," he said.

Main recommendations

"In principle, what is needed is to keep all the recommendations that we make to prevent larvae and mosquitoes from reinforcing the same lines, continuing to work and always keep trying," said the official.

"We know that in these cases, not only in Posadas, which will be March, and therefore, it will reduce the dates of Holy Week. We had planned for these occasions during the provisional weeks and asking neighbors is always a prevention, hygiene problem for prevention. We continue to look for containers and dispose of them, take care of the trash and keep up the high guard, "he said.

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They are cleaned and sprayed in the vector sector
Work from each school to begin the rest of the classes
Concentration of consciousness and neighborhood concentration. They are carried out jointly with nationals, working with home-based cleaning and control tasks from home to city. "Neighbors need collaboration, each one needs to maintain its cleanliness, without accumulating water and providing a container without mosquito proliferation, they often do not enter and prevent the work of prevention," said the operator.

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